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The Torah Portion – Wk 44 Devarim – Words

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In this week’s Torah portion we are looking at Deuteronomy 1:1–3:22

On the first of Shevat (thirty-seven days before his passing), Moses begins his repetition of the Torah to the assembled children of Israel, reviewing the events that occurred and the laws that were given in the course of their forty-year journey from Egypt to Sinai to the Promised Land, rebuking the people for their failings and iniquities, and enjoining them to keep the Torah and observe its commandments in the land that the Lord is giving them as an eternal heritage, into which they shall cross after his death.

Moses recalls his appointment of judges and magistrates to ease his burden of meting out justice to the people and teaching them the word of G‑d; the journey from Sinai through the great and fearsome desert; the sending of the spies and the people’s subsequent spurning of the Promised Land, so that God decreed that the entire generation of the Exodus would die out in the desert. “Also against me,” says Moses, “was God angry for your sake, saying: You, too, shall not go in there.”

Moses also recounts some more recent events: the refusal of the nations of Moab and Ammon to allow the Israelites to pass through their countries; the wars against the Amorite kings Sihon and Og, and the settlement of their lands by the tribes of Reuben and Gad and part of the tribe of Manasseh; and Moses’ message to his successor, Joshua, who will take the people into the Land and lead them in the battles for its conquest: “Fear them not, for the Lord your God, He shall fight for you.”



Devarim Part 1 2021 includes:
Introduction to the book of Deuteronomy
Moses’ Last Speech
Kadesh Barnea
The Place Of Crossing Over
John The Baptist – Bethany Beyond the Jordan
Joseph And The 70 Languages
Moses And The 70 Languages
The Streams Of Life In The Arabah

Torah (NKJV)

Torah (with Rashi)

Torah (with Hebrew and Strongs)

Haftarah (NKJV)

Haftarah (with Rashi)

New Testament (NJKV)

New Testament (With Greek)


Young Children

Moses reminds Israel of things that happened in the desert

Colouring in

Older Children


Overcoming Challenges with Jay

Musical Midrash

If you have songs to share please contact us.

Moses Speaks to Israel (19th-century engraving by Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux)

Delicious Cheese-cake Dip

Babka Four Ways

This Year

Devarim Part 2 (Midrash)

Devarim 2021 Part 2 (Midrash) Includes:
Impartiality Of Judgement
The 12 Spies Incident
Tisha B’Av
By The Way of the Red Sea
Do Not Provoke Esau
Do Not Provoke Moab
Do Not Provoke Ammon
The Rephaim
How Do You Feel If You Are The Israelites?
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Devarim Part 1 2020 includes:
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Bethany Beyond the Jordan
Joseph and The Seventy Languages
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The Spirit Outpouring

Devarim Part 2 (Midrash)

Devarim 2020 Part 2 (Midrash) Includes:
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Other Teaching On Devarim

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Plains of Moab (Arabah)

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