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The Torah Portion – Wk 41 Pinchas – Phinehas

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Pinchas – Phinehas – פנחס

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In this week’s Torah portion, – Pinchas (Phinehas) – we are looking at Numbers 25-30.
Aaron’s grandson Phinehas is rewarded for his act of zealotry in killing the Simeonite prince Zimri and the Midianite princess who was his illicit lover.

What was God’s response? How does Phinehas’s zeal shadow the Messiah’s zeal?
Experience the nation’s second census after forty years of wandering in the wilderness.
See how God instructs Moses to divide the land between the 12 tribes of Israel.
Witness the empowerment of Joshua to succeed Moses to lead the people into the Promised Land.

Torah Reading


Census Comparison

Moses’ Tribal Distribution

Messiah’s Tribal Distribution

Pinchas – Midrash (The second hour)

Setting an Appointment with God (Pinchas Portion)
Ps Kyal Cumming

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