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The Torah Portion – Wk 36 Beha’alotcha – When You Set Up

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Beha’alotcha – When you set up – בהעלותך

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Today we are exploring Beha’alotcha in this week’s Torah Portion. Numbers 8:1 – 12:16
We will be looking at the relationship between the seven lamps in the Tabernacle and the seven spirits of God.
The rejection of the Manna and the rejection of Messiah.
The Quails and the short arm.
The formation of the first Sanhedrin and the power of the Holy Spirit today. Who are Eldad and Medad?

Torah Reading



Priest tending to the Menorah

2 Silver trumpets


Titus’ Arch

Titus’ arch reconstructed

2 Olive Trees

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