Sponsor A Pastor

We have been involved in the training of senior Australian leaders for several years – empowering them to lead their congregations in a deeper understanding of the Word of God and commitment to walk in His ways. This has proven to lead to flourishing congregations with a closer alignment to the Bible and a deeper love of God.

As a result we have launched our NEW Pastor Training Program where we are beginning to train pastors and churches off our shores – in their understanding of the Scriptures which will equip them to properly lead their churches in the ways of God and see community change.
Currently we have started the program in PNG.

Training a pastor can affect a whole church community and impact a local community.

Starting in the central highlands, we have seen the Lord open a door to begin to train several pastors and we have the opportunity to reach many more – starting in groups of 5.
If you have a heart for mission and to see the great commission of Jesus fulfilled – to make disciples of all nations – then this is for you.
We are trialling different church packages at the moment which involve a generator and supply of internet data so as the villages can receive weekly training.
To begin with we are wanting to sponsor 5 pastors @ $5/week each – ie $25 per week.
Perhaps you can sponsor one or more – or even a group of five pastors.

Sponsoring a whole church will potentially change the lives of many families and a community.

Sponsoring multiple churches can potentially change a whole region.


Pricing for sponsoring a church.

Initial set up cost: Approx. $2000

  • A small generator sourced locally
  • A screen to watch the classes
  • A jerry can of fuel
  • Electric and data cables

Ongoing coasts: $2500

  • Data – which can be sent from our office (which is included in the –
  • Sponsorship for each family (we are working on a maximum at 5 families at this point) $50 per week ($2500 per year)
  • Maintenance of generators and fuel – $500

Total $5000

Sponsor 1 Church – ($5.000)

Sponsor 2 Churches – ($10.000)

Sponsor 3 Churches – ($15.000)

Sponsor 4 Churches – ($20.000)

Sponsor 5 Churches – ($25.000)

Give A One Off Gift To Support Pastor And Church Discipleship.

Change the lives and community of pastors and leaders, their families, and their local communities.


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